Aditya Saxena

"Finalizing a career option can be difficult and confusing for a student due to lack of information and mentorship. This platform provides the perfect opportunity to understand various fields present and thus helping to make an informed decision"


Prarthan Baxi

First of all it was a privilege for me to associate with you and very grateful to you in terms of reaching out and for providing me a platform from which my voice can reach to numerous more. 

It is a great effort supported by noble vision and youthful efforts of the young team handling this responsibility with utmost professionalism and grace. Very glad to see the humbling task of facilitating valuable information sharing across the globe through this medium and approach.

This initiative of yours is not only helping people in their professional paths but also helping them dream and stay motivated in these unprecedented times.

I wish the team my best, delighted to know the amazing leaders of tomorrow :) 


Leena Deshpande

I would like to congratulate you for this brilliant concept.

Every communication, every process and each event was managed professionally.

TSSN has been successful to create a platform which enables students to get in depth knowledge about the career they wish to pursue.

Flawless experience working with the young and dynamic team.


It was a pleasure knowing you all.


Pooja Bhale

TSSN is a pretty super platform started by a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters. I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and thorough planning. The curated questions were well thought of. The organisers are wise beyond their ages and it was a pleasure to be featured.


Omkar Joshi

TSSN is a platform founded and managed by 10th standard passouts. This initiative, even in its very infancy, has managed to organise some fantastic sessions from speakers with very different background and expertise. One thing which makes these talks of great relevance is the content they offer. All speakers cater to basic questions related to their fields and are open to questions from non-experts and students who wish to know more. As this initiative is growing, so are it's partnerships with speakers and other forums. I feel this is soon going to be a very popular organization, especially among students and I wish the team all the very best!


Atharva Pathak

I feel that TSSN is an important platform and vital when it comes to introducing existing opportunities to students. The sessions on interdisciplinary experts sharing their experiences is a very good way to be introduced to a field and figure out best for option to kick-start a career. 

All in all, this platform will be able to archive experiences of different people spread across multiple fields under one roof. All the best to the team


Shruti Shah Sathe

Enthusiasm and articulate execution, is what the students at TSSN delivered. Absolutely appreciate their detailed planning and communication throughout. Taking up such projects at this young age, definitely conveys the long and string journeys they will master in future. Wishing you the best and more always.


Anusha Mehendale

It was an honour to be a speaker. I am glad all of you as well as the other registered students found my talk helpful.

I really appreciate the kind of effort that the team put into formatting the entire talk as well as the way you all wnt through the planning process. It was a very well coordinated ordeal and it is amazing that you were able to promote it to such an extent as to get 120 registrations. 

So definitely great job and keep it up!