Core Team

Akshita Badkundri

Hello! I am Akshita Badkundri, creator of the TSSN platform & website. I gave my tenth board exams earlier this year. As cliche as it may be, my motto in life has always been to dream big! I've always felt that being delusional is one of the key characteristics needed for success. I believe in continued learning and never settling. I was the head girl of my primary as well as high school. I'm extremely passionate about learning why things work the way they do and enjoy reading books in my free time. Public oratory and dancing are my hobbies. I've also been singing and playing the synthesizer for around 11-12 years.

Chinmay Argade

Hi! I’m Chinmay Argade. I recently finished with my 10th Std. Board exams from Abhinava Vidyalaya Eng. Med. High School. I am really into wildlife photography since 4 years and I am also interested in birdwatching and cricket. I am inclined towards medicine and I aim to be a Cardiac Surgeon in the future. My motto always has been ‘Carpediem’, which means live every single moment of your life to the fullest. I feel that TSSN is a great platform for me as well as for every student out there who has a thirst for knowledge, just like me. I am proud to be a part of the TSSN Family.

Aarushi Poyrekar

Hey guys! I am Aarushi Poyrekar, and I just finished with my 10th grade boards from Abhinava Vidyalaya. My hobbies include reading and cycling. I love singing, and I've been practicing the same for the last 7 years. I also like playing basketball. I've participated in a few tournaments, from my club and from my school, a couple times. As a career path, I've decided to take up science, and I'll be pursuing the same in future. However, I want to get acquainted with all the fields out there, and hence I'm now gladly a part of the TSSN family. I think this a superb platform for connecting inspiring speakers to aspiring students!


Logistics Team

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Tanvee Ambekar
Aditya Datta
Anusha Kinikar

I love to put the 'art' in articulate. 

Music is to me, what ink is to a pen.

As a science enthusiast, I'm always in my element. 


Outreach Team

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Nessia Chitre

I'm designed more as Niceia than Nessia.

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Isha Chaphekar

That 'last' cup of coffee  has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity.


Organising Team

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Anushka Joshi

Society made me all down to earth to the point that I now live underground.

Abhishek Mali

I don't get 'shek'en by obstacles.

Simren Arora